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Changing Lives by Any Means Necessary

Dr. Jennifer Gilbert Bio

Minister Jennifer Gilbert is a well-known preacher, teacher, prophet and praise and worship leader throughout Texas and the surrounding areas. Born in Lawton, Oklahoma but raised worldwide by a military family while overcoming very serious and personal issues she answered her call to God at the tender age of 9, but due to the oppression of man and their opinions, she did not fully walk in her calling until 2002. She is an honored high school graduate of Bradwell Institute in Hinesville, Georgia, Class of 1993. She completed the beginning of her college career with a High Honored Associates in Child Development and Business Administration and has completed her Bachelors in the same areas of expertise at Tarleton State University. She also completed her masters in Adult Education and Training at the University of Phoenix. She has her Ph.D. in Christian Education from Northwestern Theological Seminary School and nearly completed her Educational Doctorates (Ed.D) from the University of Phoenix with all but her dissertation done.

Minister Gilbert has served faithfully in many positions both past and present. Some of those positions are or have been: Head of Pastors’ Support, Lead Intercessor, Youth Pastor, Head of Youth Drama Ministry, Head of Youth Mime Ministry, Choir Member and assistant choir director, Pres. Of the YPD (young people’s division), Praise and Worship Leader, Overseer of the financial committee, outreach ministry, evangelism and administration.

Minister Gilbert’s greatest loves, second to God, are her two children, Damaria and J’Donte (J.J.)  Henderson who are currently pursuing their own careers and personal aspirations and also her grandchildren Ethan and Nayla Henderson.

Her famous quote is, “There is power in perseverance through painful persecution.” She coined this quote during the painful persevering pursuit of her deliverance from years of abusive relationships and other strongholds that were overcome by the grace of God and radical perseverance against all odds.

She believes that her ultimate gift is to teach, preach and share a tangible Jesus. One whose heart can be touched through authentic praise and worship, individually and corporately, through honest relationship, not religion.

She is embarking upon this work through her books.

 She has also released gospel cd single “Can I Just Be Me?”, full length gospel cd entitled “Love Covers All” with former business partner CaCean Ballou, and The Journey Back to Me released in 2017. She is also the owner and CEO of JGM Educational Consultants that seeks to assist in furthering the education and ensuring the educational success of students of all ages from Pre-K to Post Grads both secularly and in religion. She is also a committed educator and has a passion for writing that is made evident through all of her literary ventures and her publishing company J. Gilbert Ministries Publishing L.L.C. She has also spearheaded her Domestic Violence Campaign called Demolishing Domestic Violence, affectionately known as DDV365. To God be all the glory!