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Changing Lives by Any Means Necessary

JGM 2020 Book Line Bundle

Get the newly released books of Dr. Jennifer Gilbert for one low price saving $38.00.

JGM 2020 Book Bundle

Journey Back to Me (Mother and Daughter Bundle)

Get your copy of the Tell All Series of the season. The mother and daughter tag team of secrets that neither of them knew about the other...IMAGINE THAT!!! and with the bundle you will get a free copy of Dr. GIlbert's CD Entitled "The Journey Back to Me" 

(Saving $5)

Journey Back to Me (Mother and Daughter Bundle)

Pearl Trilogy Series

**Ordering this bundle now will guarantee that you received the presale books when they become available!**

She loved so loyally it almost cost her her very life.  Though she lived, she didn't realize that she was going to enter another fight for her life.  See how this lady overcame tragedy triumphantly as she inspires you to do the same.  

Pearl Trilogy Series