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Changing Lives by Any Means Necessary

Demolishing Domestic Violence 365

Demolishing Domestic Violence is a campaign that God gave Dr. Jennifer Gilbert at the end of September 2019.  She had already written about the abuse in her book entitled, "The Journey Back to Me" but God challenged her to do something different by putting a voice to her survivorship.  She in turn solicited help with this task and God raised up a team to help her in this effort.

About Demolishing Domestic Violence

Demolishing Domestic Violence is comprised of three different divisions.

Intake (Rescue), Retention, and Rehabilitation

Under those divisions come all of the efforts that together make up DDV365

-DDV365 Television

-DDV365 Radio

-DDV 365 Fourth Saturday Fellowship

-DDV 365 Full Circle Celebration

-DDV 365 50 State Global Tour

 Mrs. Tameka Cooper

Former DDV365 Brand Ambassador

As our Brand Ambassador, not only does this lady work overtime getting the word out about our organization, but she is also building a brand and network of her own through speaking engagements, literature, mentorship and so much more.  She recently became a certified ghostwriter with J. Gilbert Ministries Publishing Company L.L.C. and already has 3 books to add to her literary credits, not to mention her own three books in her personal series. Visit our contact page to book her for your next Domestic Violence Event!

Denita Forges

Resident Life Coach

Denita is the resident life coach for our survivors.  She is the face of the rehabilitation team.  She is also the co-owner of Real Talk Radio Station as well as the founder and CEO of the brand "#Do Something Different.  She is definitely the voice of reason for the team and keeps us all together.  She two has expanded her brand to author by publishing her new book, "Do Something Different" and is also a certified ghostwriter of the J. Gilbert Ministries Publishing Company L.L.C. where she also has three books to her literary credit not to mention additional books of her own due to release any day now.

Dr. Sugar Trask

Resident TV Producer

Dr. Sugar Trask is a certified life coach.  In the super highway that is DDV365 she is the producer and director of the television division.  She is also an author and plethora of other great things, more than anything, she is the matriarch in the family.

Maryum Egonu


Myss MeMe

Maryum is our "Purple Carpet Correspondent.  She is the first smiling, glittery face that you will see at all of our events capturing the hearts, minds and stories of our surivivors.  She also has her own radio show on Gospel Nation Radio entitled, "The Love Power Radio Show".  She is also a plus sized model as well as our co-hosts for our tv show.

Our Resident Caterers

All the way from New Orleans, Louisiana, we welcome the fabulous cooking of A Taste of Soul to all of our major catered events.

Titan Capri

Resident Photographer

Titan Capri

a Black, Gay, and HIV+ male, living and thriving in the city of Houston.  After being diagnosed with AIDS 14 years ago, he decided to take some time and work on being HIV positive and healthy!  He established a career in banking, after working in corporate for 11 years. He decided to move away from his career and pursue his love of photography and storytelling.  In March of 2019 he made a bold and intentional move to come out about his HIV+ status! This truth came with a great sense of freedom.  Titan Capri is now and Author, Entertainer, Father, Photographer, and a Radio Personality.

Current Endeavors

OutCry the docu-series 

Radio show #T2P on the RealTalk100MorningShow

Author of the Titan Chronicles

He is the owner of Photographany By Titan where the motto is

“Let Art start the conversation”

Our Resident Merchandise Designer

We welcome Ms. Katrina Bledsoe-Moore to the team!

The Resident Ministry Team

These two fireballs are a force to be reckoned with.  Whether it is a conference or a revival you are in for a treat.  Two very different styles to meet the need of any house. Dr. Jennifer Gilbert and Pastor Edwin Gibson.