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Changing Lives by Any Means Necessary

Ruth and Boaz Unplugged

Many people holler about how they want their Ruth and how they want their BOAZ, however there is a lot of hidden truths to the story that many don't even know about but can definitely relate to.  Each week in the month of February, we will be meeting at Blood Covenant Church for straight single's talk with no chaser.  Each week we will have a different set of panelists that we can ask all of the burning single's questions to and we want to see you there.

Living Single After Trauma

All of us have experienced trauma in one way or another, be it Domestic Abuse, Child Abuse and other means of dysfunction and it has caused us to have a skewed perception of what love is.  Instead of jumping from one relationship to the other, why not take some time to get to know yourself more intimately.  That is what this first week is about and we want to see you there.

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The Struggle is Real!

There are a number of struggles that we all go through, but we tend to keep to ourselves as we walk around acting like single superheroes yet we are burning inside and hurting and hiding it.  This is your opportunity to air your TRUE FEELINGS about singleness in this no judgement zone.  You will be surprised how many others may be experiencing the same thing!  Come chat and chew with our panelists

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...But God!!!

We know that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us and managing singleness is no difference.  Come share some of your success stories of how God kept you away from toxicity or share how he's keeping you in this single season of your life.

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Talk Me Through It

We are to be helpers one to another and this chat and chew will be no different.  As Esther talked Ruth into her destiny with Boaz, come and let us reason together and hear the testimonies of our single peers that allow God to talk them through their situations and temptations.

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