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Changing Lives by Any Means Necessary

Meet My JGM Team

I wish I could say that this is a one woman empire but the reality is that J.Gilbert Ministries is a super highway made up of many lanes and a group of FANTASTIC People who thrive in their own lane of expertise.  I love, adore and cherish them but I also support them in their own endeavors as well.  Meet My Team Here!

Mrs. Nicole Harrington

Armor Bearer/ Personal Assistant/ Public Relations

Mrs. Nicole Harrington is the closest element of the team to Dr. Gilbert. Not only is she her own brand and entrepreneur, but she is also the armor bearer, personal assistant and public relations point of Contact for JGM, DDV365, and JGM Entertainment. She is also an artist in her own right as an author, she is also one of the ministry teammates. In the JGM Superhighway she assists in taking care of all appointments for Dr. Gilbert as well as assists Dr. Gilbert in the execution of all personal affairs of Dr. Jennifer Gilbert and the Team.

email at [email protected]

Mr. Billy Morris

Travel Manager / 2nd Asst. Executive Manager

Mr. Billy Morris is the travel/tour manager who takes care of all travel arrangements for Dr. Gilbert. Though he assists Dr. Gilbert he also has his own personal ministry is BME Entertainment Company. In the JGM Super Highway, he oversees all booking of travels.

email him at [email protected]

Mr. Valenteno Capri

Stylist/Asst.Executive Manager

Mr. Valenteno Capri whom we affectionately call, "The Voice of Reason" is the personal stylist of Dr. Jennifer Gilbert. His first passion is modeling and it took him no time to found out that modeling was a great industry. He got his first modeling contract with IMG Models and has had the privilege to work with some of the best designers such as Sean John, Versace’s, Phat Farm and Evie Foster. Which has allowed him to travel the world walking the runways of Paris, Milan and Rome. Though he has modeled all over the world for many major labels he quickly secured his spot on the JGM SUPERHIGHWAY as the one who takes care of all of the styling for all major events and appearances of Dr. Gilbert. He will also be overseeing the Reboot of the Jennifiyah Design plus sized clothing line.

email at [email protected]

Mr. Andre Howard

Makeup Artist

Mr. Andre Howard is the magician of the group.  He is the personal makeup artist to Dr. Jennifer Gilbert while he still maintains his own business called "Snatched by Dre". Though he has being doing makeup for many years, it took no time for him to win the heart of the JGM Team. Upon first encounter he secured his spot on the JGM SUPERHIGHWAY as the one who takes care of all of the makeup for all major events and appearances of Dr. Gilbert.  He will also be assisting Valenteno Capri with the model makeup artistry for the model of the Jennifiyah Design clothing line.

email at