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Changing Lives by Any Means Necessary

The Publishing Process and Organizational Track

We here at J. Gilbert Ministries Publishing L.L.C. we are very calculated in our publishing process because our track record is to get books from conception to stores in 2-3 weeks.  The only way that we can do this is by only taking a certain number of clients at one time and by placing them on a very strict timeline to get their content completed.  Below is the general track for most clients with few exceptions...

Inquiry is made/Consultation is requested

Once an inquiry is made to us, the first thing we do is recommend a consultation.  The fee for our consultation is $75 and that is applied toward your publishing fee if the agreement is accepted. 

Consultation is Conducted

The 30 minute consultation is completed explaining the process and all questions are answered on both ends.  From this consultation the framework is created.

24 Hour Decision Deadline

The client has 24 hours to make a decision as to whether or not they want to continue the process.  Once they accept the agreement the framework is sent to them via email.

Calendar is Set

Upon accepting the agreement, the framework is sent and the calendar is set.  Based on the information from the consultation, the author is required to submit a certain amount  of content in an allotted amount of time.

Revising and Editing Upon Each Submission

Material is revised and edited upon each submission and sent back to the author with feedback.

Interior and Exterior Design

While the author is writing on their end, the company is designing the cover (both front and back), the interior design is being created, the copyright is completed and the ISBN # is obtained.

Content is Sent to Printer and Retail Price is Set

When the content  is sent to the printer, the retail price is set as well as the wholesale price.

Product Order

Books are ordered by the author and they are shipped directly to them at a wholesale price plus shipping and handling.  The author is then allowed to sell their books at the retail price to consumers.

Celebration Time

Now comes the fun part! Each author is added to the JGMPC group where we share marketing techniques and strategies and we refer them to different events and vending opportunities.

What our customers are saying

Thank you, Dr. Jennifer Gilbert and staff! I could never have done this by myself.  I have had the dream of writing my own book since I was a kid but never though it would  be a reality.

Amanda Allen - Proclamation of A Dark Skynned Gyrl (2020)