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Changing Lives by Any Means Necessary

So YOU Want to Be A Writer?

You asked for it and HERE IT IS!  Many of you have asked a number of questions about how to get to writing your own book.  FINALLY Dr. Jennifer Gilbert has created a track for the world to partake in.  Below are the descriptions of the courses and thier names. Classes begin soon so get yourself READY!!!

JGMEC Intro: 

Introduction to the Writers Track

Registration Fee

Registration fee covers registration for materials and guarantees you priority registration to all courses below.

Fee: $75

JGMEC 101: 

Overview and Q and A

This class is a 2 hour class will inform you of what the entire track is and will assess the individual writings and see EXACTLY which courses you need to sign up for and some that you may not necessarily need to take though all are recommended for future references.

Fee: $75

JGMEC 102: 

Getting Down to Writing

This 4 hour class walks you through the process of setting up the framework of your book From Cover to Cover from the Table of Contents to the Last Chapter and beyond. This class is the monumental trigger for getting past writer’s block which is ALWAYS overcome with organization and the proper framework.

Fee: $150

JGMEC 103: 

Filling in the Blanks

This is the one on one troubleshooting class that pushes you beyond your tough spots of writing. Whether it be emotional connections to the material or just sequencing the experiences, this class is designed to help push you past your point of frustration and lock and move your back into the free flowing playing field that writers need.

Fee: $25.00 for the first hour

$15 each additional hour with a two hour minimum.

JGMEC 104:

Closing the Covers

This class is the one on one checkin spot before you proceed to the publishing phase. During this class I peruse your book to ensure that it is at design standards and ready to publish.

Fee: $25.00 for the first hour

$15 each additional hour with a two hour minimum.

JGMEC 105:


In this 2 hour class you are provided with a checklist of dos and don’ts in relations to publishing. This is a corporate class and not one on one because no matter the genre or the content, the publishing is pretty much the same. After leaving this course you are READY TO PUBLISH!

We will talk about things like;

• Timelines

• Publishing companies

• Package options


Fee: $25

JGMEC 106: 


This 4 hour course is 2 hours of instruction and then a networking session where there will be vendors there that can provide opportunities for you to help market your books. You will meet other authors that are already published and are able to ask them questions in relation to their experiences.

• Book Clubs Presidents

• Tshirt Designers

• Literary Agents

• Marketing Personnel

• Radio Personnel

• Talk Show Hosts

Fee: $50.00

JGMEC 107:


This class is a 2 hour course taught by Dr. Jennifer Gilbert that teaches you the ins and outs of touring with the pitfalls as well as the victories.

Fee: $50.00

JGMEC: Remediation 911

This course is not a mandated class but it designed for individuals who feel they need some extra one on one assistance in their process.  This course can be booked as often as needed a-la-cart in conjunction with any of the other courses that are available.

Fee: $25.00 an hour

NOTE: There are no increments in the hour/services are rendered in one hour time frames ONLY.

What this Track IS!

This track is designed to ASSIST you in your writing process of your own project.  We will  walk you through the entire process of the classes in which you signed up for and even offer extras assistance with compensation as needed until you feel you are ready to fly on your own.

What this Track IN NOT!

This track is NOT designed to dictate to you what to write or how to express yourself.  All suggestions given are just that SUGGESTIONS.  We DO NOT impede your writing process in any way.  We DO NOT GUARANTEE ANY SUCCESS IN YOUR SALES!!!  We are here merely as experienced mentors who are looking to lead, guide and drive you to your desired destination A PUBLISHED BOOK!!

What you will need!

Each time you come to class, you will need of course notebook paper and a writing utensil, a laptop (if you plan to be writing as we go), a thumb drive to save your work on.  Any objects of inspiration that you may need for comfort or motivation!  The syllabus for each course will have a more defined materials list.